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The day – Groton accident sends driver and three children to hospital

Groton – A driver and three children were taken to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital on Tuesday with non-life-threatening injuries, following a single-vehicle crash into a pole at North Road (road 117), north of Alpha Avenue, police said.

Groton Town Police are investigating the accident, Deputy Chief of Police Paul Gately said.

The Center Groton Fire Department, along with Groton Ambulance, Mystic River Ambulance and city police, responded to the crash, which happened around 5:30 p.m. near Long Cove Mobile Home Park, Center Groton Fire Chief Jeffrey Post said. Groton Utilities also responded.

The cooperation of the city’s fire and emergency departments was well demonstrated during the response, Post said.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call City Police at (860) 441-6712.

No roads were closed due to the crash, city police chief LJ Fusaro said.

Daniel Bouges, communications and community outreach manager for Groton Utilities, said Wednesday morning that the car damaged the utility pole, which needed to be replaced. The damage caused a power outage in a small area of ​​about three or our homes for about eleven hours.

He said Groton Utilities responds to outages as soon as possible, but pole replacements are almost always the longest outages encountered by utilities, especially if Groton Utilities has to coordinate with another company to replace the pole being used by the power line.