Hospital services

Thailand to Create a New Chapter of Smart Hospital Services

Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Thonburi Hospital (TH) signed the “Smart Hospital” MoU. In light of the Thai government’s “Medical Hub of Asia” strategy in 2004 and its goal of becoming the leading countries in Southeast Asia in the provision of international healthcare services, the two parties, CHT and TH, continue their POC smart ward collaboration and achieve a new milestone of smart hospital application in Thailand.

Allied with outstanding healthcare partners including Taiwan’s imedtac and Thailand’s MD Healthcare, Chunghwa Telecom showcases the smart service solutions at Thonburi Hospital, including smart nursing station, vital signs kiosk all -in-one, an Automated Dispensing Cabinet, Epaper Bedside Information Display and ToF Scrap Management System.

These solutions reduce the workload of medical staff, improve the quality of medical services and increase operational performance. Chunghwa Telecom continues to increase its competitiveness through ICT technologies and applications.

The smart hospital solutions provided by Chunghwa Telecom include features of cloudization, digitization, informatization and intelligence, which truly satisfy market needs and long-term innovative service development. Through collaboration with hospitals, Chunghwa Telecom expects to turn the new page of its smart hospital application services in the market.