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South Florida ACHE Member Spotlight: Arianna Silcott Lo

By Vanessa Orr

When Arianna Silcott Lo, HCMBA, LSSGB, decided to pursue a career in healthcare, she had several role models to follow, including her mother, who was a nurse for 30 years; his aunt, a nurse for 20 years; and his uncle, who was a doctor. But it wasn’t until she joined the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) that she realized how many other avenues of healthcare there were to explore.

“ACHE’s mentorship program was very important to me because it showed me how many different ways there are to access health care and how many different paths you can take,” said Silcott Lo, whose original plan was to study to become a trauma surgeon. “It helped me understand what my niche was.

“I’m more interested in operations and strategic planning, but someone else might be more interested in the financial aspects of healthcare or supply chain management,” she continued. “Working with mentors in the field can help you determine which route is most beneficial to you.”

Silcott Lo, who is the president-elect of ACHE of South Florida’s 2022 Student Service, is currently a doctoral candidate in health administration at Franklin University, where she works as a research assistant. She received her MBA in healthcare from Florida International University and her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of Central Florida.

In addition to working in the US healthcare system for several years, Silcott Lo also spent two years during his healthcare fellowship working in the government sector for British Overseas Healthcare Services.

Silcott Lo joined the Orlando chapter of ACHE in 2012 and moved to the South Florida chapter after moving to the area in 2017.

“I joined for the networking and educational opportunities, and have been very active with the Student Services Committee as a member,” Silcott Lo said. “I sat on this committee for four years, helping out while getting my master’s degree. I also entered the Essay Contest for the South Florida Chapter, which I won!”

In her role as president-elect, Silcott Lo plans to continue helping young chapter members and is currently working on the next case competition on April 9 and a career development event to be held on April 21.

“We are hosting a career development panel for students where we will discuss alternative ways to access health care, whether through scholarships, as a career start or through consultancy positions, through example,” she explained. “There are many other routes besides a hospital fellowship to enter the field, but we will also discuss this route and how to be successful.”

Silcott Lo advises those interested in a healthcare career to join ACHE early, as membership can help every step of the way.

“I 100% use what I learned at ACHE in my everyday life,” she said. “It helps me keep up to date with what different organizations are doing, for example, before COVID, during COVID and after.

“I learn a lot from educational events about what the healthcare landscape looks like and where I can play a role,” she added.

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