Hospital services

“Some hospital services affected by the worsening of the pandemic”

The Hospital Authority (HA) said on Tuesday that some of its non-emergency departments had been affected by the worsening pandemic, with nearly a thousand Covid patients currently in hospital.

In a daily press briefing, an HA chief director, Dr Sara Ho, said this means some non-emergency services and surgeries must be suspended or postponed.

“In some hospitals and clusters, we have started to adjust the quota of elective surgeries, such as the endoscopy department, elective cardiac procedures or some of the elective surgeries for benign tumors. These measures aim to mobilize the workforce labor and beds to deal with an anticipated surge in patients,” she said.

Ho called on Covid patients to seek early treatment to prevent their condition from deteriorating.

She said that at present 17 Covid patients are critically ill, while 24 are in serious condition.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong recorded 2,767 new infections, including 211 imported cases.

There was also another Covid-related death, involving a 94-year-old woman.


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