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Paulding County Hospital Services Enter Season of Normalcy

2020 has brought many changes to the typical lifestyle of most people around the world. A new virus has emerged and is rampant around the world. Over the past 2 years schools have been closed, restaurants only open for take out or delivery, reduced hours in stores normally open 24 hours, ‘non-essential’ services like recreation, lounges etc. closed; working from home, online teaching and overwhelmed and overwhelmed hospitals. Then the day came when people had to wear masks in public in an attempt to stave off this rampaging rookie virus that was paralyzing the entire world.

And that’s how people all over the world went about their daily lives in this distorted shorthand version of life. And it became normal – how easily we forgot that the shops were open 24 hours a day, instead of closing at 9 p.m. This pickup and delivery is customary and is not a “benefit” of the company.

For the healthcare industry, procedures, therapies and other standard patient care were put on the back burner as healthcare providers and hospital staff focused on caring for the sick in the community. Dedicated respiratory clinics for COVID testing and care have been set up in local hospitals, to bring the disease together in one place and help keep the disease away from others.

Paulding County Hospital has seen many changes due to the aftershock of COVID-19. They have established a respiratory clinic for COVID in a separate location on the Paulding campus. Pictured above, the Med-Surg wing was completely separated by clear plastic walls to create sterile “rooms” for healthcare workers to change into PPE to care for patients. In 2021, on average half of their hospitalized patients were COVID+ patients, making this wing imperative for the well-being of PCH patients and staff.

It’s now 2022, mask mandates have all but been lifted. Hours of operation at stores are extended, their guests no longer count towards entering a facility, barriers are removed and at Paulding County Hospital they are letting the community know that it is permitted and advised to resume your regular tests and procedures and clinics that may have been paused due to this precarious new virus season. So far in 2022, the number of COVID+ patients has been close to zero on average. The number of cases for Paulding County fell from 200 per 100,000 in January to 48.2 per 100,000 (or 9 cases) at the end of February 2022. With this drop in COVID cases, the respiratory clinic went to be used only in an “as needed” capacity, freeing up medical staff to focus on the needs of the departments for which they are intended.

Speaking to Ron Goedde, CEO of Paulding County Hospital, he said: “It’s time to tackle those aches and pains that plague you because there are now so few cases of COVID in the county.”

Paulding County Hospital offers many services to care for its patients. March is National Kidney Awareness Month, Sleep Awareness Month, and Endometriosis Awareness Month. PCH offers clinics for all three areas. All elective surgeries are open for scheduling. Regular testing – that is. Mammograms – are on schedule again.

“Our rehabilitation department is fully staffed and available to plan for all of your rehabilitation needs. We also offer pediatric occupational therapy here at PCH,” said Naomi Nicely, PCH Comm. Relationship Coordinator.

The fitness center and inpatient rehabilitation services at Paulding County Hospital are available to anyone in need. It is very beneficial that PCH has the Swing Bed Inpatient Transition Program, as it is not standard in some of the larger hospital settings. Swivel beds are available for patients who need a little more help getting better before heading home after surgery or other procedures. This program is fully staffed with medical professionals to assist patients with therapy and care until they feel confident to return home.

In addition to March Awareness Days, March 30 is Doctors Day. Paulding County Hospital is fortunate to be able to offer four clinics throughout the county, allowing them to better serve the needs of the community. PCH’s primary care providers consist of two nurse practitioners, a physician assistant, three physicians, and two physicians.

It’s business as usual for Paulding County and Paulding County Hospital. It’s been two long years, but the end is in sight. And Paulding County Hospital is here for the community to help out in any way.