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New beds to ease pressure on expanding hospital services

It is hoped that more beds will reduce wait times for Sunshine Coast patients requiring extensive urology and gynecology treatment.

It comes as a new 24-bed surgical ward at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) welcomed its first patients during the week.

Nursing director Ashleigh Coombs said the inpatient urology and gynecology service meant more patients could receive elective surgery sooner.

“We will also have increased capacity to accommodate emergency cases,” Ms Coombs said.

“Although urology and gynecology are pre-existing departments within our hospital, they will now have a designated home department allowing us to expand our services within these specialties.”

Chief Health Services Officer Dr Peter Gillies said the 24 additional beds would ease pressure on other wards where these patients were previously admitted.

Dr. Peter Gillies

“Overall, the new service represents visible growth across the service group,” Dr. Gillies said.

“We aim to open more theater spaces, increase elective surgery bookings and improve wait times for people in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie areas.”

Ms Coombs said a total of 31 full-time nurses would be recruited over three months to staff the new department, with additional staff to expand services in the operating room.

She said the medical, nursing and paramedic staff would provide multidisciplinary, patient-focused treatment for adults requiring category 1, 2 and 3 emergency and elective surgery and intensive care.

“This interprofessional model of care helps empower and engage patients and family members.

“The entire care team, including the patient, can quickly identify and resolve clinical issues and work together for a safe and timely discharge home.

“Our goal is to get an early discharge home with appropriate community support. »

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