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“It affects us all:” Governor DeWine reacts to new hospital announcements and asks for help

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Governor Mike DeWine today addressed the surge in Covid-19 cases in Ohio and the pressure it is putting on our local hospitals.

He spoke to 19 News anchor Nichole Vrsansky in a 15-minute zoom interview: “It affects us all, whether it’s a loved one who has a heart attack or other reasons for it. going to the hospital, being overcrowded is not good. “

By Thursday, more than 2,000 members of the Ohio National Guard will be deployed to hospitals and vaccination sites across our state. A Statehouse News Bureau report states that only 53% of Ohio ranger members are vaccinated. Governor DeWine said despite this, the number deployed was not affected.

“We’re going to have that many. There are members who are deployed who are not vaccinated, and hospitals make those decisions about where to deploy them. We want everyone to be vaccinated. We would like all Ohio National Guardsmen to be vaccinated, ”says DeWine.

We showed him the new TV commercial that the local hospitals have teamed up on, the sounds of a patient on a ventilator as the words read: “Help.” We beg you. The governor says the message is clear, Ohioans need to be vaccinated, boosted, wear masks and respect social distancing.

“This is a very strong message from hospitals, and when you talk to nurses caring for Covid patients, the message is even more compelling. We see, especially in northeastern Ohio, in Cleveland, Akron, the Canton areas, our hospitals are literally overwhelmed, ”says DeWine.

In addition to this increase in Covid cases, businesses in Ohio are also grappling with labor shortages. Governor DeWine said every state in the country faces the same challenges.

“I don’t have a magic wand to solve the immediate problem, but we know what the answer to the long term challenge is, making sure we have trained workers and expertise, and that comes through education. . We need to invest in education.

We also spoke to the governor about the increase in violent crime rates in the state. He calls on state lawmakers to invest $ 250 million in state policing.

Regarding the upcoming elections and their impact on his decisions as governor, DeWine says, “People expect me to make decisions based on the best interests of the people of Ohio, not the best. political interests of Mike DeWine. It is a very serious period in our history. “

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