Hospital services

Hospital services available in Roxborough


FILE PHOTO: Udecott Construction Manager Brent Siboo, right, hands over the keys to Roxborough Hospital to officials from the Health, Welfare and Family Development Division on May 1, 2021. PHOTO COURTESY THA –

After more than a year, hospital services are finally available at Roxborough Hospital.

HAT Health, Welfare and Welfare Division Secretary Dr Faith BYisrael made the announcement as she presented her report for the year at her term Monday event. . The report was live-streamed on the Office of the Chief Secretary’s Facebook page.

BYisrael said: “As of April 1, I am proud to report that Roxborough Hospital is actually open and operating using hospital services. As of April 1, we currently have outpatient services at the hospital and this includes urology, kidney clinics, OBGYN, peads, and internal medicine.

She said patients would be contacted.

“If you are part of these clinics at Scarborough General Hospital and you live on the east end of the island, you should get a call that you can come to Roxborough for these services to be available. The same applies to dialysis – we have the ability to use six seats at the same time, which is also available.

Medical imaging, she said, is also available, though was quick to add that the facility is unable to provide emergency services at this time.

“So if you have to go to an accident and an emergency you will still have to go to Scarborough Hospital. We are also unable to provide ward services at this time so all inpatient services hopefully by the end of next term on Monday we will be able to announce that these services are available as the target date is June 1 for these services.

The facility was commissioned by the Prime Minister in January 2021. The new 31,320 square foot hospital on Bloody Bay Road in Roxborough, Tobago was completed at a cost of $98,379,410.04 (including VAT).