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Gmsh-16 launches online payment trial for hospital services | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: GMSH-16 is conducting trials before starting online payment for hospital services. Now, almost all departments offer teleconsultation via the e-sanjeevani platform. Last year, the hospital began offering teleconsultation to patients by specialists.
“At GMSH-16, we offer teleconsultation in almost all departments, but online payment of test fees or other investigation fees is in trial mode,” said Director of Health Services, UT , Dr. Suman Singh.
UT’s health department planned to connect 31 health and wellness centers with GMSH-16 and PGI as a hub and spoke model. “The idea of ​​digital health was to manage crowds and minimize queues. However, the same queue can be seen for payments. Once this becomes part of the telemedicine project as well, the hospital services will become fluid,” said a doctor from GMSH-16.
The hospital receives more than 2,000 patients every day. The e-sanjeevani platform is used in 10 departments, including dental, dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedics, psychiatry, general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics and Ayush.
The online service offers both patient registration and consultation. Reports, with the exception of X-rays and MRIs, are sent online.
Patients can either use e-sanjeevani at home or register at e-sampark centers for GMSH-16, GMCH-32 and any of the health and wellness centers. “With a successful trial of online payment, all public hospitals and clinics will have a similar method of payment, which will be safe and secure,” DHS said.
GMCH-32 already has an electronic payment system for laboratory examinations under the national health portal. However, PGI does not have teleconsultation or online payment for all tests and investigations. “With Hospital Information System 2 developed by CDAC, online payments will be launched for admitted patients,” said Professor Vivek Lal, Director of PGI.