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Florida’s New HCA Teaching Hospital

What services will HCA Florida University Hospital provide?

HCA Florida University Hospital will provide a full range of health services including 24/7 emergency care with certified emergency physicians, maternity ward, large level III neonatal intensive care unit that can accommodate 32 babies, orthopedics, oncology, neuroscience, diagnostic services, imaging and a full range of robotic and minimally invasive surgical services.

What makes HCA Florida University Hospital unique?

HCA Florida University Hospital offers a unique concierge approach to healthcare. Our main focus is on the patient and their experience when they come here for treatment or a procedure. As soon as a patient or loved one arrives at the hospital, they will be greeted by a customer services coordinator who will help them find their way. For family members of surgical patients, we offer a text messaging service that keeps them informed of the progress of their loved one’s surgery. The facility has a set of elevators for the public and visitors, and a separate elevator bank for patients and employees to ensure patient privacy. Exceptional patient experiences and world-class care. This is our goal.

How many rooms are there at HCA Florida University Hospital?

The hospital currently has a licensed bed count of 165 private patient rooms, while our emergency room has 16 private patient rooms.

Why did HCA Healthcare decide to build in Davie?

Davie is a thriving community and one of the fastest growing in Broward County. This is an ideal location for the HCA Florida University Hospital, and we are delighted to provide world-class healthcare and an exceptional patient experience to those who live and work here and in the surrounding communities.

What is the economic impact of this new installation?

We are proud to have a positive economic impact in this area. HCA Florida University Hospital is one of HCA Healthcare’s largest investments to date, with $ 360 million. We contribute over $ 5 million a year in property taxes, creating jobs and positioning ourselves for even more growth in the future.

What is the hospital’s relationship with Nova Southeastern University?

HCA Florida Healthcare is the largest teaching hospital system in the state, currently training more than 2,000 residents and fellows in 25 hospitals. Nova Southeastern University’s health professions division, which includes two accredited medical schools, is one of the most

impressive in the country and is located right next to the HCA Florida University Hospital. We look forward to forging a strong relationship with NSU that will be of benefit to their students and our staff.

What are the vaccination requirements for employees and doctors in the new hospital?

In accordance with federal COVID-19 vaccination requirements, colleagues at HCA Healthcare will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4, 2022. We have put in place plans based on processes, best practices and knowledge gained from our operations in states that have already made vaccination compulsory. Since COVID-19 vaccines became available earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with our infectious disease experts, have strongly urged vaccination as a critical step to protect individuals against the virus and the majority of HCAs. The caregivers have already been fully immunized. We are working with our colleagues to help those who have not yet received the vaccine.

Will there be a designated intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients?

A superior patient experience is always our top priority – for COVID patients and non-COVID patients. At HCA Florida University Hospital, we have the capacity, medical expertise, and the space to quickly and efficiently regroup patients into a dedicated COVID intensive care unit when and if it becomes necessary.

How will the patient and family experience you describe be altered or restricted as a result of COVID?

Allowing family and friends to visit patients during a hospital stay is essential for their recovery and well-being. To protect patients, staff and family members, we ask visitors to wear a properly fitted mask inside the hospital and to postpone their visit if they are not feeling well. We are continually monitoring the CDC for changes to their recommendations and will modify our visitation policy if circumstances warrant.

The opening of this signature facility launches the new HCA Florida Healthcare brand statewide. It will be followed by a larger rollout to all Florida hospitals in early 2022. We know consumers want the security, safety and trust that come with an integrated healthcare network – and that’s what we offer them. This statewide transformation will unite more 49 hospital campuses and approximately more than 400 care sites, including physician offices and stand-alone emergency rooms providing the state’s primary network of personalized care.


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