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Editor’s note: All’s well that ends well…I think

After 8 frustrating months of defrosting the ice maker and cheese tray in our Samsung fridge with a hair dryer every 48 hours, we finally bit the bullet and bought a shiny new high-tech LG. (After blowing up four hair dryers, even Carol couldn’t argue anymore.)

Our purchase and delivery from Best Buy went smoothly and the fridge was working fine, until I tried to connect to its smart Wi-Fi enabled system. Luckily, Carol wasn’t home during my initial frustration trying to register our fridge with the Wi-Fi “gods”, as she had immediately become suspicious of walking into Best Buy to start, when all she really wanted was a refrigerator reliable enough to make ice cream. (In his words, were Eskimos now buying igloos at Best Buy?)

But after some collaboration with my best friends, the geeks at Best Buy, my connectivity issue eventually had to be upgraded to an LG Priority Service Ambassador. Of course I was immediately put on hold, moved from department to department but I was determined to hang on and connect my Wi-Fi as I knew the Eskimo reference would come back to haunt me. So, while I was stewing listening to the LG message on hold, Carol arrived home just in time for the LG robot to announce loud and clear over the speaker: “We’ll be happy to help you with your service, you are the 4,624th call in line. We have scheduled a callback on September 14and at 2:30 p.m. (Today’s date was Feb 11.) Since I was summarily logged out, Carol’s only comment was that I should make sure to mark that date on my calendar.

In fairness to Best Buy and LG, the next day I reset the Smart Wi-Fi registration, and everything was connected, both our ice makers were making cubes, and Carol’s hair dryer had nothing to do duplicate. (I’ll let you know if I get a call on September 14and.)

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