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Defense Minister inaugurates MRI center at Gatot Subroto Military Hospital

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta On Friday, Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto voiced support for the establishment of additional hospitals in military commands and increased hospital facilities in Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) hospitals.

This was expressed in a speech at the inauguration of an MRI center at Gatot Subroto Military Hospital today. During his speech, the Minister of Defense affirmed the importance of the military mastering the field of health for the success of an army.

“In future wars, major threats to our country will take other forms, including biological threats. The current pandemic is actually a wake-up call for us and a reminder to focus on the medical aspects,” Prabowo said on February 4.

Prabowo also recognized the health workers who fought on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic. He called on all hospital staff to always maintain and take care of existing facilities.

Chief of Gatot Subroto Military Hospital, Lt. Gen. A. Budi Sulistya, said the MRI center will further improve healthcare services at the hospital, which has the largest number of medical units. MRI in Southeast Asia.

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