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Danish hospital services group Aleris-Hamlet is the first to implement Agfa’s VALORY digital X-ray room in Europe

Mortsel, Belgium – April 12, 2022 – Aleris-Hamlet is the largest private healthcare provider in Denmark, with seven hospitals across the country. It is part of the Aleris Group, which is one of Scandinavia’s leading private healthcare companies. Upon referral from a patient’s physician, Aleris-Hamlet offers a range of diagnostic imaging services, including X-rays, CT scans, mammograms, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

Radiology services are offered at five of the Aleris-Hamlet hospitals. For two of these sites, Aleris-Hamlet chose to switch from a third-party supplier to Agfa for digital radiography (DR). In December 2021, an agreement was signed for the implementation of a VALORY DR chamber with a Dura-line™ XD 17 wireless detector at the Aleris-Hamlet Aalborg hospital, and a DR 400 chamber at the Aleris-Hamlet Hospital Aarhus. Agfa’s partner in Denmark, DuMed, played a key role in Aleris-Hamlet’s decision-making, and the solutions were installed at the end of January 2022.�

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“Agfa’s digital imaging solutions deliver excellent image quality for a wide range of applications, which will enable us to increase patient and referral satisfaction, and strengthen our offering for corporate partners. We are satisfied with the service and professionalism of Agfa and DuMed. The installations were completed quickly and we look forward to developing our relationship in the future,” said Vivian Brix, Hospital Manager, Aleris-Hamlet Aalborg.

“We are proud that Aleris-Hamlet has chosen to switch to Agfa for digital radiography in two of its hospitals. Our VALORY DR room, Dura-line detectors and the DR 400 have proven their value in increasing productivity and enabling healthcare providers to improve the care and services they provide. With their scalability and ease of use, these DR solutions fit into any hospital environment, promoting greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. Additionally, we appreciate the hard work of our partner DuMed, including Commercial Director Iman Andersen, who made this success possible – not only the first Valory in Europe, but the second in the world!” said Vassilis Karkalis, Director of Sales North-South-Eastern Europe., Agfa Radiology Solutions.

VALORY: Your Excellency. Pure and Simple.
The VALORY DR room combines reliability and productivity in a modern and easy-to-use design. Combined with MUSICA® reference image quality, it offers “first time” imaging. The modular approach of the DR room allows Aleris-Hamlet Hospital Aalborg to adapt the configuration to current needs and budgets, with the ability to upgrade at its own pace.