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Chhattisgarh, SAIL’s Solo Skin Bank at Bhilai Steel Plant Hospital

BSP DIC Anirban Dasgupta

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Raipur, August 20

Chhattisgarh and SAIL’s first skin bank was established at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Centre, the main hospital of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP).

Apart from this, Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Center has also become the first cadaver tissue transplant institute in Chhattisgarh.

SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant has always made positive efforts to provide excellent health care services to the steel fraternity. On the auspicious occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the skin bank established at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Center was inaugurated by Anirban Dasgupta, Director in Charge of BSP.

A committee of qualified physicians from the hospital has been given responsibility for the operation of the skin bank established in the Advanced Burn Care Department of Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Center, Sector 9. The Chief Medical Officer (Medical and Health Services), Dr. M. Ravindranath, has been appointed Executive Director of Skin Bank. The additional CMO, Dr. Uday Kumar, has been appointed Director of Skin Bank. Similarly, Deputy Marketing Manager, Dr. Anirudh Mene has been appointed Medical Director of Skin Bank. In this sequence, consultant Dr. Akanksha Sharma has been given the responsibility of microbiologist of Skin Bank.

Required space, required machinery and skilled personnel are needed to start Bhilai Skin Bank. A space has been reserved in the Advanced Burn Care department to start the skin bank and necessary machinery such as electric dermatome, skin grinder, biological safety cabinet and freezers, incubators, etc. were provided in which management extended its support. Six staff from the Bhilai Steelworks burn department were trained at the Skin Bank of the National Burn Center in Mumbai. These qualified personnel will be useful in starting the skin bank in Bhilai. The manual for the whole process has been done.

A four-member inspection team from the National Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organization (SOTTO) Chhattisgarh carried out the inspection of the skin bank established in the advanced burn care department of the hospital and Jawaharlal Nehru Research Center, Sector 9. This team examined the documents and equipment needed to start a skin bank at Bhilai Ironworks Hospital. Satisfied with the availability of necessary equipment, necessary documents and trained medical personnel, the Raipur team gave permission to start the skin bank.

In addition to giving permission to start Skin Bank, a registration number has been issued by SOTTO, Raipur, which will be valid for 5 years. Thus, the skin bank established in the main hospital of BSP became the first skin bank in Chhattisgarh. With its establishment, BSP Hospital began the work of raising awareness of skin donation, so that people donate skin to the skin bank and help save the lives of serious patients.

Dr. Uday Kumar, Additional CMO of Burn Unit, said that in time to come, BSP’s skin bank will prove to be a boon for severe burn patients. With this skin bank, severely burned patients will have a new life. Only after the consent of the patient or his relatives, the upper layer of the skin of the patient’s leg or back is removed using an electric dermatome and appropriate bandaging is performed on the removed area, taking the removed skin in 50% glycerol and an incubator in the skin bank. After the necessary test report is received, small holes are made on the skin by the skin manor in the biological safety cabinet, so that the glycerol and antibiotic solution can enter into it and there is no of skin infection. After this process, an appropriate tag with the name registration number is stored in the 85% glycerol freezer; this skin is stored at 4 degrees for about 5 years.