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Charity inspires Kathryn to raise money for Fiji Children’s Hospital – News Of The Area

Kathryn Edmunds in Fiji for the opening of the first Sai Sanjeevani Children’s Cardiac Hospital, focusing on pediatric cardiology, to be established outside India.

KATHRYN Edmunds, a long-time Bellingen resident who works in Coffs Harbour, recently returned from a life-changing event in Fiji.

She witnessed the opening of the first Sai Sanjeevani Children’s Cardiac Hospital to be established outside India, which offers surgeries mainly to children suffering from congenital heart disease.

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The hospital will provide free surgeries and care to children in the South Pacific.

Having had an involvement of over 30 years with the Sri Sathya Sai Organization in India, which is a service organization with a spiritual foundation of unity, and with Health in Kind, an Australian non-profit charity, Kathryn has been invited to Fiji for the opening of the hospital.

“The organization is focused on creating state-of-the-art, free healthcare and education facilities across India,” Kathryn told News Of The Area.

“And Health in Kind has partnered with the Sai Prema Foundation of Fiji to collaborate and assist in the initial development and ongoing operation of the hospital.

Hospital Director Mr Sumeet Tappoo said at the opening: “Children will no longer have to travel abroad for treatment, which is now available at their doorstep, and most importantly, this hospital does not have a billing meter and never will.

“When the hospital opens, it has a three-pronged approach and a five-point vision – to serve children with compassionate healthcare, at no cost, to ultimately have our own surgeons and healthcare professionals based in this hospital, early screening programs, implementing genetic studies and research, and engaging leading medical professionals from around the world,” he said.

Kathryn stayed in Fiji for three weeks for the official opening day and then to observe a surgical team arriving from America and, over a two-week period, performed 30 life-saving heart surgeries on children, the youngest having seven weeks and the oldest 14 years.

It has been planned that surgical teams from Australia, the UK, India and New Zealand will also visit the hospital to perform surgeries in the future.

After seeing the Children’s Hospital and the life-saving surgeries firsthand, Kathryn was determined to return to Australia and raise funds to help ensure this vital and life-changing facility runs for many years to come. decades to come.

“I realize that most people have their own favorite charities, and a lot has been asked of our community recently with fires and flooding prevalent in our area, but my heart goes out to these little ones,” he said. she declared.

“Three thousand children are born each year with congenital heart disease in Fiji and the Pacific region, and most do not reach adulthood due to lack of access and affordability.

“It seems like a small request to help our neighbors in the Pacific.”

Initially, Kathryn urged her family and friends to donate, but given that each operation costs $13,000, she is now brainstorming ideas for raising additional funds.

“I recently emailed 35 schools in the Coffs Harbor and Bellingen areas inviting them to get involved in what I called the ‘A Combined Effort of Kindness’ campaign asking each school if they would host a fundraising event at some point during the year.

“I’m also considering trivia nights and a GoFundMe platform in the future,” she said.

For those wishing to donate directly to the hospital, Health in Kind is a non-profit charitable organization and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Everyone involved with Health In Kind is a volunteer and all money goes directly to the hospital.


“Recently I thought that with over 90,000 people living in the Coffs Harbor and Bellingen area, if everyone gave $1, seven children could be operated on.

“Seven lives saved in real time,” she said.

For more information call Kathryn Edmunds on 0403 197 703.

“I am happy to come and speak with local organizations about my involvement with the hospital and my experience in Fiji,” she said.