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Biggest upheaval to hospital services in years as NHS recovers from Covid pressures

Gloucestershire’s health service is set to suffer the biggest shake-up in years – but health bosses need to hear your thoughts on how they should change. Services for people in hospital receiving life-saving treatment from NHS departments are under the microscope.

One of the largest public inquiries ever launched by the NHS in Gloucestershire began this week. The aim is to ensure that the county’s two major hospitals – Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General – are seen as ‘centres of excellence’ in certain areas.

Departments that could see dramatic changes are Gynecology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Geriatric Care, Cardiology, Respiratory Care and Stroke. The survey does not cover outpatient services which would continue to be available from multiple sites.

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The survey – which runs until June 29 – is the second phase of the Gloucestershire NHS Fit for the Future programme.

Professor Mark Pietroni, medical director and acting chief executive of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said previous comments from Fit for the Future highlighted support for the development of ‘centres of excellence’ and that it was now possible to discuss ideas for a number of other services.

“Overall, our vision is of two vibrant and thriving hospital sites, with strong identities and both offering world-class cutting-edge treatment,” he said.

Dr Andy Seymour, clinical chairman of the NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group – which oversees care across the county – said that, against the backdrop of the NHS going through the most difficult time in its 74-year history, the health system and Gloucestershire Care was in the process of recovering from Covid pressures.

“We know we still have a long way to go, but we believe the ideas to be explored in this Fit for the Future 2 conversation have real potential to move us in the right direction,” he said. declared.

The initiative aims to:

  • Improving health outcomes for patients
  • Reduce wait times and limit the number of canceled operations
  • Ensure patients are always assessed by the right hospital specialist with timely decisions regarding their treatment and care
  • Ensure there are always safe levels of staff, including experienced doctors available 24/7 and that teams have the best equipment and facilities
  • Support joint work between services to reduce the number of hospital visits people have to make
  • Creating flagship centers for research, training and learning – attracting and retaining the best staff in Gloucestershire
  • Providing more specialist services in Gloucestershire to enable people to receive care locally rather than traveling to Bristol, Birmingham and Oxford.

How can you get involved?

There are several ways to get involved: take the survey, attend public workshops, participate in interactive Facebook Live events, or visit the information bus as it tours the county.

What’s going on with your speech?

After the pledge, there will be a review period, where county NHS organizations will assess all comments at public meetings scheduled for live streaming later this year. Decisions will then be made on the further development of any proposal. Updates will be provided to