Hospital news

Air Force team arrives to help taxed St. Cloud Hospital

Man was well over legal limit while driving Duluth basketball team busShawn Zelazny allegedly admitted to a state soldier that he had been drinking before driving the bus.

Noon weather reportForecaster Katie Steiner reports that the snow system is heading towards Minnesota on Tuesday night.

Representative Jim Hagedorn tested positive for COVIDThe congressman is currently battling stage four kidney cancer.

Why is the COVID test so impractical in 2022?Gov. Tim Walz is due to answer questions from the press on Tuesday afternoon, and WCCO is looking to ask why COVID testing in Minnesota cannot be more effective.

Tattersall Wisconsin dig includes new restaurantExecutive Chef Jonathan Newman shares insight.

Eat healthy meals from school to homeSchools in Minnesota are doing their part in cafeterias, and their tips and techniques for healthier eating options can easily translate into habits at home, says Jess Pena.

Why many financial resolutions failBruce Helmer of Wealth Enhancement Group shares some tips.

Weather report at 9 a.m.Tuesday could enter the 1930s, before more snow and cold temperatures hit.

What’s on the 2022 banned words list?It’s an ironic list of over 1,200 applicants, decided by Michigan College’s English department.

More Americans are moving to be closer to familiesSouth Dakota had a lot more people moving in than going out; 69% of the moves in this state took place, just behind Vermont.

Mid-morning titles from January 4, 2022The demand for COVID-19 tests in Minnesota is growing so rapidly that the supply cannot keep up. Meanwhile, the schoolchildren return to class.

CBSN Minnesota Morning Update: January 4, 2021❇️ The hunt for the COVID-19 test is a challenge as the Omicron variant spreads. ❇️ Feedback: When is it too late to save the Christmas decorations?

State to announce more options for COVID testing as demand increasesIt’s hard to find a practical COVID test these days.

6:00 a.m. weather reportMore winter weather is heading our way.

MPS Counselor Derek Francis opens up about COVID anxiety as children return to schoolAfter a well-deserved rest and relaxation, it’s back to school for schoolchildren.

Demand for COVID testing rises in MN after the holidaysThe demand for COVID-19 tests in Minnesota is growing so rapidly that the supply cannot keep up.

Wisconsin brewery pays tribute to Betty White with beerA small town in Wisconsin toasts Betty White.

WCCO Digital Update: Morning of January 4, 2022Jason DeRusha has the latest titles.

Weather report at 4:30 amThe maximum in the Twin Cities will be near 30 on Tuesday, and the snow will shift this evening.

10:00 p.m. weather reportThe Twin Cities could exceed 30 degrees on Tuesday, before a 24-hour snowstorm system arrives.

7-year-old dazzles with Herb Brooks speech at the Winter ClassicPeople talk about the moments that made the Winter Classic hockey game memorable, including a little boy reciting Herb Brooks’ famous speech before the United States faced the Russians at the 1980 Olympics.

Good question: what happens to unclaimed lottery winnings?If you haven’t won the Powerball jackpot, you might want to check out other lottery tickets you own. This is because millions of dollars in earnings go unclaimed in Minnesota every year.

Man charged with murder after shooting at liquor storePolice say a man died trying to stop a theft at a St. Paul liquor store.

The fight to get tested for COVIDFinding a COVID-19 test is a challenge as the Omicron variant infects more people.