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A 36-hour power outage brings Chandigarh to a standstill; Water supply, hospital services affected

New Delhi: A power outage in parts of Chandigarh has impacted the normal lives of Chandigarh residents as they were left without power and water for over 36 hours. Areas that suffered power cuts included sectors 20, 34, 36, 40, 42, 44, 49, 36, Kishangarh and Manimajra.Also Read – Rainfall Forecast in 11 Indian Cities for the Next 2 Days – Plan Your Trip Accordingly!

The outage also affected mobile operator association COAI and telecommunications towers which disrupted mobile network connectivity in some areas. Traffic lights at some city intersections were also non-functional due to the service disruption. Also Read – After nearly 36 hours of power outage, electricity supply is restored in Chandigarh

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Following the power outage, hospitals were also forced to postpone their many surgeries. “We have a backup plan like we have generators. But you can’t put 100% of a hospital’s load on a generator. So we had to reschedule or reschedule our planned surgeries,” Chandigarh Director of Health Services Suman Singh told PTI news agency. Also Read – Chandigarh: Major power outage hits normal life, officials say situation will remain the same for 2 more days

Some students’ online classes have also been affected in many parts of the city. Some coaching institutes even suspended classes for the day due to power outages. Honey, a class 11 student, said, “I couldn’t take my economics exam today because the coaching center suspended classes due to a power outage.”

Aditya, a class 12 student preparing for his board exams, said: “I couldn’t do my online lessons today because there has been no electricity since the morning and the power supply for help from my house ran out. This kind of situation at a critical time hurt many students like me.

The power cuts also affected industrial production and manufacturing in some units of the city. “Traders and merchants feel harassed by the disruption of the city’s electricity supply. Electricity is an essential service and the administration should take appropriate measures to restore it,” said Chairman of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal, Charanjiv Singh.

Why are electric utility workers protesting?

Under the banner of the UT Powermen Union, electric utility workers went on strike Monday night. Union president Dhian Singh said he was protesting against the UT Chandigarh administration’s decision to privatize the electricity department.

The protesting employees claimed that if the electricity service was privatized, their terms of service would change and this could also lead to an increase in electricity tariffs. They also staged a massive protest here.